Uploading events from Microsoft Outlook into DhtmlScheduler

Dear All,

We are using dhtml Scheduler in our web application build using J2EE and Struts.

At the moment we have been uploading our calendar events from Database using Struts Action.

We would however like to upload events directly from Microsoft Outlook.

The concept goes like this :

The events should always be created in Microsoft Outlook Calendar. We are looking for a solution where in the events gets uploaded in our Internet Calendar(dhtmlScheduler) from/using Microsoft Outlook.

Does anyone knows any such solution ? It could be something may be related to some Browser plugin/ Mircosoft Outlook Plugins / Some solution related to Com services…ecc.

Does any one knows about any such solution ?? and how to implement such solution??

Will such solution have any security issues??

One more point to add …the outlook emails are store on Exchange Server.

Hope to hear from you all soon


Microsort Outlook can export data as ical stream.
dhtmlxScheduler can load data from ical.

So technically it possible to load data in scheduler from outlook. But how to map one to another - it is not so clear ( at least for me ).

Not sure is it reasonable or not, but I think, that it possible to create VB macros, which will export data from Outlook and save it in some place where web-server have access. Such macross can be added to event-adding and event-changing in outlook - so each time when new event created - static data for online scheduler will be updated.

I’m pretty sure that there is public API of Exchange Server which can be used to export data in more elegant way.