URGENT!!Autocomplete combo not showing init values correctly

I have the following code snippets:

//Initialise Grid
grdPBCities = new dhtmlXGridObject("gridPBCities");
grdPBCities.setHeader("City,Mark up %,Del,Created By,Updated By,Created At,Updated At,Id,PBCtyPricebandId");
cmbPBCities = grdPBCities.getColumnCombo(PBCtyCity);

When I’m loading my grid’s data this is a sample row’s xml:

 <row id="1">
    <cell>23612^Paris, France</cell>
    <cell>2010-12-11 18:44:59 UTC</cell>
    <cell>2010-12-11 18:44:59 UTC</cell>

However the information that is displayed for the first column i.e. Combo column is :
23612^Paris, France

Please can somebody tell me urgently what I’m doing wrong.


This is expected result. In case of ‘combo’ eXell type you should pass only option id as value of cell.
Please check more information about “combo” eXcell type here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … cell_combo

Olga this is a combo with ‘autocomplete’. I did originally send the id only but because with autocomplete the ‘options’ are only loaded when somebody types something in the combo, the id was showing. Then Alexandra told me that for ‘autocomplete’ you need to put id^value but even that doesn’t work!

You may use 2044^Paris, France format only if grid initialize from xml. If grid is initialized by script you should use Paris, France to show correct value