I have a disabled combo box with value pre-loaded. If I click in the combo box using IE8 the actual value is removed and the combo box shows blank. Of course because it is disabled, I can’t even put the value back manually. Only happens in IE8 not Firefox. (I am only checking on IE ver 8 and not other IE versions). The IE8 debugger shows the following line.

‘Can’t move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus. dhtmlxgrid.excell.combo.js line 11 character 114’.

This is a major problem because most of my work involves using combos in grid to show use readable info rather than numeric codes.

Thanks in advance.

Could you please provide the code of combo initialization to recreate the problem locally

The following defines the grid columns, ids and types

grdCities.setHeader(“Name,Country,Status,Status Reason,Created By,Updated By,Created At, Updated At, CityID,CityDesc CntryID”);


The following is the combo for column ‘citystatusid’
cmbCityStatus = grdCities.getColumnCombo(CityStatusId);

Thanks for your prompt response and help.

Method disable() can not be applied to the combo in grid. If you want to disable editing for a certain column, you may use onEditCell event:

return columnIndex!=CityStatusId; /* CityStatusId is the id of the combo column */

That is precisely what I had to do. I only wish that your documentation mentioned that from the beginning. I had to go back and re-do quite a bit of work.

Thanks for the info anyway. One day I intend to write a proper manual for your software. I truly think that your documentation does not do justice to the EXCELLENT software that your provide and is probably loosing you sales and certainly costing you MORE in support.

We do our best to make it more informative. However, it is rather complicated to consider all cases in the documentation.

Regarding combo excell - it is grid editor first of all. And therefore, grid can affect combo functionality.