Urgent help please - Grid and PHP connector: render_complex_


I have a simple php file with render_complex_sql that was working on the previous version of the DHTMLX suite. After upgrading to version 4.2 I can’t get even a very basic sql statement to work with render_complex_sql. Every request returns a PHP error 500.

I found an updated version of the php connector from stanislav in this forum but it is quite old and made no difference.

Here is the code I have right now.

$gridConn= new GridConnector($res);
$sql = "select deviceID,displayName";
$sql .= " from_unixtime(lastTotalConnectTime) as lastContact, from_unixtime(expirationTime) as expirationTime, licensePlate";
$sql .= " from Device where accountID = '$acc' order by accountID, deviceID asc";

help please. I need this to work.


I could really do with some help please. My whole project is at a standstill until I get past this.

I know the 500 error is coming from the PHP grid_connector code because if I use a very simple SQL like that below and use render_sql everything works. The same simple sql with render_complex_sql generates the error 500.

select deviceID,displayName lastTotalConnectTime, expirationTime, licensePlate from Device;

Is Stanislav or other guru around to look at this for me please ?


The latest version of connector can be downloaded from github

Error 500 just hides the real php error. Check error log, or enable debugging in connector to get more details.

docs.dhtmlx.com/connector__php__ … idelogging