[URGENT] Number of the version of an old dhtmlxgrid.js file


I need for an urgent report to know what is the dthmlx version of this attached / zipped dhtmlxgrid.js file (the version is not mentionned inside).

Can you help me ?

Thanks :slight_smile:
dhtmlxgrid.zip (21 KB)

It not possible to find out grid version if it not mentioned in .js file

Okay, so do you have archives of old versions of dhtmlxgrid ? I can compare files myself
and find out the version.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We do not have public access for old version of dhtmlxGrid. Why just do not update all your files to the latest version?

It’s the goal.

But it’s part of a project and the report of the project must have information about the differents task like :

=> Migration of PHP from version 5.2.3 to version 5.3.6
=> Migration of DHTMLX librairies from version ??? to version 3.0