Usage with JRE 1.4


I downloaded v1.5 dhtmlxconnector to use on my project. According to documents the supported version of Java is 1.6. In my project we use IBM Websphere 6.1 and Java 1.4, so I think we can not use that version of dhtmlxconnector. Is there a version of Java 1.4 dhtmlxconnector support? if so, where I can download it?

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The connector.jar contains full sources inside, so you can try to recompile it.
Source code can be compiled with java 1.5 for sure, but as for java 1.4 - there were no tests and I’m not sure will it work for it or not.

I’ve taken a look at the source code and use generic collections, so you could not recompile directly. Do you know if there are any older version compatible with Java 1.4?

Unfortunately there is no any other version.
You can fallback to direct xml data generation - connector code simplifies CRUD operations, but all of them can be done with custom java code as well