Use DateTime format in the Grid

If i understood correctly I can not use DateTime format data in the Grid? If I wrong someone can correct me.

You can set needed DateTime format in column setting of grid, like this:
columns: [
{id: ‘my_date_time’, type:‘date’, dateFormat:’%H:%i %d.%m.%Y’, header:[{text: ‘Date Time’}]}
It’s documented here:

But this setting works only for sorting of rows, not for editing of cell, because editor’s calendar widget has not timepicker. See this snippet:

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Is there a workaround for timePicker?

Unfortunately it is not available to display the timepicker in the grid datePicker editor.

Any updates on potentially updating the widget to include time picker from the calendar component?

Unfortunately currently there are no news about that functionality in the dhtmlxGrid datapicker editor.
I’ll inform here about the probable progress about that issue.