Use dhtmlx components in single page application?


We’ve been using a few dhtmlx components in our ASP.NET Webforms application and it has worked very well for us. Now we’re considering a new project which would be a single page application, i.e. there would be no postbacks to the server - only AJAX calls that transfers data, and we would then dynamically create new windows/grids/tabbars etc. during the application lifetime.

I am a bit concerned with the memory usage of the grid and some other components and would like to know if someone has used dhtmlx in this way. What are your experiences?

It would also be very interesting to get an official reply from the dhtmlx guys. Have you tested your components with this sort of use pattern?

The long-running single page apps is one of the common use cases for dhtmlx components.

Generally it works quite well, all components have destructors, so it possible to free used resources. Also, when you are destroying any layout element it will destroy all nested components automatically, so you need not care about small details.

if you plan to use older version of IE (IE6, IE7), there are some limitations, as old IE has known issues with memory leaks. Modern IE (IE10, IE11) is fine.

Great, that sounds encouraging!