use dhtmlxgrid on IE9

need help!
I use the tabbar.setContentHref(“id”,“index.jsp”)
and in “index.jsp” page has a grid,it has some columns type is ‘ed’,the problem is when I dbclick the cell ,cell input is show,but is not cursor in this input,so can’t write some words,must click the input then write some.

the other one problem like this anymore:the grid bind ‘onKeyPress’ Event like this
when selected one row on this grid,and put some key down,it’s not ‘alert(“in…”)’ ever,but if click that row again,can event ‘onKeyPress’ and ‘alert("in…)’

these two problem are happen on IE9,IE8 firefox chrome nothing,I think it’s relationship with tabbar(iframe), my dhtmlx version is 3.0,please help me soon;my english is very poor,please forgive me, thank you

Unfortunately the described issues cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, provide any kind of sample of your code or a complete demo where the issues can be reconstructed.
Here you can find a tutorial about creating a complete demo: … leted_demo

thank you help me,the first problem was solved,I watch the source code and write like this:


the second problem need your help.demo was upload.

do you solving the problem now? I’m very worry! :cry:

I solved it by myself, on IE9 use dhtmlxgrid in the iframe, if click grid row,the focus is on the parent window,hope dhtmlx team better it soon

I apologize for the delay your issue is confirmed and we’re working on it to find the solution for your situation.
the fix will be included in the next version version of the product.
Thank you for your report.