Use of Font-awesome in Sidebar

Is that possible ?
Ive tried to add iconset: “awesome” and use the awesome names in img tag, but seems to not work properly at time ?!

again :slight_smile: Is that possible ?

I apologize for the delay with your request.
Yes, you may use the font-awesome icons in your sidebar using the custom templates.
Something like:
dhtmlXSideBar.prototype.templates.myview =


mySidebar = new dhtmlXSideBar({
parent: “sidebarObj”,
icons_path: “…/common/icons_material/32/”,
template: “myview”,
width: 160,
items: [
{id: “set”, text: “Settings”, icon: “fa fa-cog”, selected: true},
{id: “photo”, text: “Icons”, icon: “fa fa-camera-retro”},
{id: “home”, text: “Home”, icon: “fa fa-home”},

No need for apologyze :slight_smile:
Iam glad that this forum exists and you answer in most cases so fast. Thanks for that.


Iam not sure why this isnt working

but it trys to load images with your example and dont use font-awesome

Unfortunately the font-awesome sources are not included on the snippet.dhtmlx
Please, try to use this example locally with the font-awesome sources included on the page.
Or try to include it on your snippet page: