Use RRule instead of Rec_Type

I noticed that with the new Event Scheduler, they’re finally using standard RRules for saving recurrence events to the database. Is there any way to use RRules also with the “old” Scheduler instead of the custom rec_type event?

We don’t want to use a custom recurrence scheme as we also directly export to iCal format from the database.

How would we need to implement this in Scheduler?

Hello @Jan_Gils,

Currently, there is no possibility to change the recurring format, but this feature is under development, and we’re planning to add it in future versions, so it will be the same as in the Event Calendar. Unfortunately, there is no any ETA.

Thanks for the reply. We need support for RRULE, so I hope the feature is quickly released.

Meanwhile, is there a tool / script to transform Rec_type to RRULE? We could save both in the database and, depending on the front-end, use Rec_Type for DHTMLX and RRULE for all other applications.

I also need to get the RRULE from the Rec_Type. Did you ever find a script that would handle this for you?