Use smartRendering on subgrid?

Hi, iam starting with dhtmlx and i like to know if i can use smartrendering on subgrid? My grid already have smartrendering and i wanted use on my subgrid too. Iam using the subgrid PRO.

This is how i load my grid and subgrid:

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox'); mygrid.setColTypes("sub_row_grid,ro,ro,ro,ro,ro"); mygrid.loadXML("xml_orgao.xml"); mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true); ... mygrid.init(); mygrid.attachEvent("onSubGridCreated", function (subgrid, id, ind, data) { subgrid.setImagePath("dhtmlxgrid_pro_full/imgs/"); subgrid.setHeader("Name,Acronym,City,State,Type"); subgrid.setInitWidthsP("20,20,20,20,20"); subgrid.enableSmartRendering(true); subgrid.init(); subgrid.loadXML("xml_sub_orgao.xml", function() { subgrid.callEvent("onGridReconstructed",[]); }); return false; })

Can i make one scroll independent for subgrid for i use the smartrendering?

xml_sub_orgao.xml and xml_orgao.xml return ALL registers.


Unfortunately such feature is not available.