Use this app yearly - it stopped working - help troubleshoot


This DHTMLXGrid has been working great each year. In January each year we have to just reload some new data and let users lose in the app again. Well this time, it’s not working. The HTML before the Grid shows and after the Grid shows, but the data is not showing or expanding. I also used to be able to turn on writing to a log file. That also isn’t working.

The site is under IIS. We did change the directory structure slightly … but all the source files and DHTMLX directories stayed intact. I noticed that nothing is writing to the logs and am wondering about a permissions issue? I have my admin investigating. I also verified my data sql is accurate and returns data back via SQL. Just not via the grid. It’s really hard if I can’t put print statements in to try to troubleshoot. Can anyone offer suggestions?

Melissa Mussitsch

If issue still occurs for you, please, provide with the sample of your code with the init of the grid and the generated xml/json populating the data in the grid.