Useless Horizontal Scrollbar


I have a problem with grid scrollbars. I defined a grid with max height and AutoHeight true. Sometimes appears a useless horizontal scrollbar. It depends on a relation between number of rows and max height. Until the max height is less than the height of all the rows, a vertical scrollbar appears and it works fine.
If the max height is greater than the height of all the rows, the horizontal scrollbar appears.
I think the problem is related to the use of the vertical scrollbar.

In my simple example I load data in this way:

function load() {
				var data = '<rows><head><column align="left" sort="str" type="ro" width="100">Col 1</column><column align="left" sort="str" type="ro" width="*">Col 2</column><settings><colwidth>px</colwidth></settings></head><row id="4516"><cell>test</cell><cell>test</cell></row><row id="4517"><cell>test</cell><cell>test</cell></row><row id="4518"><cell>test</cell><cell>test</cell></row></rows>';
				var myGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox');


So there are 3 rows and a max heigth of 73. In this way everthing works fine, but if I set the max height to 74, an horizontal srcollbar appears.

I also attached the Example demo.

Thanks (1.52 MB)

So there are 3 rows and a max heigth of 73. In this way everthing works fine, but if I set the max height to 74, an horizontal srcollbar appears.
Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed.
Testing your demo the vert. scrollbar appears when the max height is 73. And this is the expected behavior. As the row height is 26 px.
the height of your grid is 78px, so if you set the max height <78px the vertical scrollbar is appearing.

Thanks for the replay.

The problem is the Horizontal scrollbar that appears if yu set 74px.
I attached a snapshot.

Unfortunately the problem is occurring due to the changed zooming scale in your chrome browser.
Please, try to use the default (100%) scale.

I didn’t change the zooming, I simply opened two window with 50% width of the screen. After that I loaded booth the pages.
I did it only in order to provide you a visual example… with 100% there is exaclty the same behavior.

Anyway I attached a new example with both, 73 and 74 example in the same window not resized.
I also attached the zip with the code. If you unzip and open the testScroll.html file with Chrome, you should see the same result. (1.52 MB)

I was able to reproduce the problem only with the increased zoom level in the chrome browser or in the Windows.
Otherwise everything looks well.

Unfortunately this problem cannot be fixed now as it is the specific behavior of the google chrome browser as it cannot scale the borders which are 1px. so this misalignment appears causing that useless horizontal scrollbar.