User data in Xml data for views ?

I am currently testing the DHTMLX Touch libraray. I already developed an application with DHTMLX Suite and I intensively used the user data in Xml data flows …

I did not see any reference to the user data mechanism for loading menus, lists, … is there any possibility to include user data in the Xml ? Or to use more attributes than “id” in the item definition ?

Best regards, Frédéric.

For instance, I would like to use :

  <item id="1" attribute="more information ...">
    <userdata>more information ...</userdata>
    <name> Let It Be </name>
    <author> Beatles </author>
    <year> 1970 </year>
    <album> Get Back </album>

Yep, you can use such xml, all data component supports loading from both json and xml

dhx.ui({ view:"list", url:"data.xml", datatype:"xml", template:"#album#" });

or for separate data loading

$$("mylist").load("data.xml", "xml");

you can access data from xml as

$$("mylist").item(id).name $$("mylist").item(id).year ...

Thanks Stanislav.

I made a test with the Xml file I copy hereunder. A label attribute is included in each field of items, but I do not know how I can get this attribute once loaded. Is it possible ? Any idea about it ?

Best regards, Frédéric.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <item id="14">
    <idx label="Index">14</idx>
    <numeroSerie label="Numéro de série">EGT-a-0030</numeroSerie>
    <declaration label="Etat de supervision">Borne supervisee.</declaration>
    <demarree label="Etat de mise sous tension">Sous tension</demarree>

var value = $$(“mylist”).item(12).idx.label;

in template

template:function(obj, common){ return obj.idx.label; }