user event more than 1 parameter.


I am having problem in adding rows to grid thro addRow() if i have  column which has userEvent. The problem is that the event callback function takes in 2 parameters which by syntax should be comma separated. Since addrow column values are also supposed to be comma separated, event function gets split inappropriately. For eg: this si the text i am passing to the addRow(1, …/images/remove.jpg^Remove Jobs^javascript:funRemove(“2101579$C$J$9056228”,“J”)^_self, 0, 2101579, 9056228)

 …/images/remove.jpg^Remove Jobs^javascript:funRemove(“2101579$C$J$9056228”,“J”)^_self, 0, 2101579, 9056228


the above text splits it to …/images/remove.jpg^Remove Jobs^javascript:funRemove(“2101579$C$J$9056228” as one column and ",“J”)^_self as next.


Can you please help me out here




the correct addRow call in this case is:

addRow(1,[’…/images/remove.jpg^Remove Jobs^javascript:funRemove(“2101579$C$J$9056228”,“J”)^_self’, 0, 2101579, 9056228]);


It still would not work. Plus now the image is not showing up. The result is as before.




locally this approach correctly works - teh sample is attached (55.6 KB)