User interface for changing lag/lead time on a link


I know that there is no built-in user interface for changing the lag/lead time for a link.

I wondered what approach anyone has taken to implement setting this value (+ve / -ve) for a link. Double clicking on a link fires the deletion process by default. Has anyone modified this action to provide deletion or lag/lead setting?

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Keith White
Synergist Express Ltd, UK.


Could you please give more info about functionality you want to implement?


Yes, sure thing:-

Currently, a link is created in the user interface by dragging a line between tasks. The type of link created is determined by where you drag the link from/to (Finish-to-Start etc…). This is all good, no problem.

In addition, links already have an existing attribute of lag/lead time. See … tweentasks

But there is no built-in user interface for setting the value of a link lag/lead.

Double clicking a link seems like the most obvious place to allow it, but the built-in function just operates the delete link function. If double clicking a link instead showed a dialog to allow the lag/lead time to be set in addition to the delete option, that would be ideal. That is what Microsoft Project does.

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