Userdata - drag&drop - smartRefreshBranch

professional version:

When you drag and drop the end we smartResfreshBranch to update userdata.

If we drag and drop a folder with the cooled element is correct, but if the folder has no elements still has the old userdata …

What is happening?

I try to explain better:

the tree - enableSmartxmlparsing is true because we have folders with many items.

When I make “drag and drop” capture the event OnDrop and called smartRefreshBranch function to update userdata (xml by passing the modified user data).

When you refresh a folder with elements there is no problem, but when you refresh an empty folder … keeps the old userdata.

nodeDestinoId: smartRefreshBranch(nodeDestinoId,xml)

xml - from java

What is happening?

To change userdata of the node you can use setUserData() method … etuserdata

The new userdata are updated in the xml.


Can you please provide complete demo where we can reproduce this issue? … leted_demo