UserData for column in DhtmlxGrid object

Is there any feature for storing userData for the various columns in dhtmlxGrid object?
i could find that we can set the userData for tablerows as well as table (without specifying the rowId), but could not find anything for setting userData specific to the columns?

If not available, is it possible to have such functionality in the next version of Dhtmlx Suite?

Vibhav Agrawal

dhtmlxGrid hasn’t userdata for specific column. But you can use cell’s attributes to store additional data for the necessary cell. Please find more information here … attributes

Hi Olga,

I want to pass the custom data for the definition specific to table columns. So, its not possible to set the attribute on cell as a column with have so many cells.

Also, currently the userdata can be stored on rows. but again, i cannot use it.
As of now, i have done it using a work around, though not a good one & is affecting the performance.

So, if it is possible to introduce such a feature in future releases, then it will be great.

Vibhav Agrawal

If you are need to set some column specific data why doesn’t use global userdata with name-coding


var column = 0; //index of column
var name = “data1”; //name of data
var value = grid.getUserData("",“column”+index+"_"+name);[/code]

Hi Stanislav,

This is the way i have currently used it. But i have so much of column specific data (something around 10 data sets per column with table of 10 columns), so i dont know what will be its impact on performance.

But, if dhtmlx code is also storing it internally in the same pattern, then no issues.

Vibhav Agrawal