Using 2 datastores with form

How can I use a single from to edit two records in different datastores?

Do I need to bind the 2 datastores, and than populate the form with it?

[code]var list1 = new dhtmlXDataStore({ url:“…/data/data1.json”, datatype:“json” });
var list2 = new dhtmlXDataStore({ url:“…/data/data2.json”, datatype:“json” });

list2.bind(list1, function(data, filter){
return ==;

And then use list2 to bind it to the form? Will I get alle values of both datastore in the form, and are they also automatically updated if is use the save method?


Or is there any other (better) way to achieve this?

Hi. There is no way to implement it using bind.
But you may write custom code which will generate correct data item on the base of two datastores and then load it into form using API.