using AddMarkedTimespan for a second time erases first time?

Hi all,

I have a scheduler whereby I first mark recurring “available” times for each day (0-6) using lines like this:

scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({days: 4, zones:[0,09*60+00,12*60+00,24*60], css: "gray_section", type: "dhx_time_block"});

THEN, from another database, I mark individual unavailable times like this:

scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({days:new Date(2014,4,22), zones:[9*60+00,11*60+00], html: "<b>One-Time Block</b>", type: "dhx_time_block"});

(This user is available from 9 to noon every Thursday, and has an individual block for THIS Thursday from 9 to 11.)

However, it shows full availability all day except for the 2 hour area labeled “One-Time Block”, rather than showing both the recurring block AND the one-time block. What am I doing wrong?

marked timespans with a specific dates overwrites day-of-week based timespans. I.e. periodic timespans won’t be displayed on the date which contains a timespan with a fixed date … ngpriority