Using an MSAccess Datasource


I have just come across this great set of components and Iam exploring the possibilities of using the example 02_grid_complexheader_content.html and would like to link the grid to an MSaccess database. I have created a table with the same field names as the example but do not understand how to connect to the database as opposed to the xml file.

Please could someone provide me with the code and explanation of how to connect to an accessdatasource.

The example code is:


        Complex content in header




















Many thanks



the xml stream can be created by server-side script (it is possible to fetch data from database in this case):

mygrid.loadXML(path_to_server_script, function(){…});

There is the dhtmlxGrid/samples/14_loading_big_datasets/01_50000.html sample in the grid package. Here xml is generated using php script.