Using calendar with Grid


I need a calendar attached to a Grid cell that allows the user to enter values that are NOT always dates. Reason: I need to be able to track milestones that are strings, not specific dates and I cannot give them dates, but I also need to track dates.

I have tried dhxCalendarA, but if you attempt to enter something that is not a date, it removes what you’ve entered and doesn’t change anything. I have tried to change the dhtmlx code to allow for non-dates, but it is too convoluted to easily change this behavior. Or maybe I missed some simple function that can do this?

I have tried to attach a dhtmlxCalendar (not a dhxCalendarA) to an editable Grid cell because that can circumvent the code that removes my non-date string, but when the cell enters edit mode (turns into an input box), all the code that generated the dhtmlxCalendar appears in the cell’s input box instead of displaying the calendar. When I step through the code, the calendar does display, until the cell goes into edit mode. I can make the calendar appear and stay when the cell is read-only, but I need the editable cell.

What else can I do?


Unfortunately such feature is not supported.
You may try to create your own custom exCell type.
Here you can find a tutorial: … le_excells