Using ColumnHidden in Grid with big Datasets and Smart Rende

After a sort or a search i can’t show hidden columns (mygrid.setColumnHidden(colIndex,false);). The colIndex is right but the column isn’t shown.
But i can hidde new columns and show them till i start a new sort or a new search!

How can i handle this?

Such problem not occurs while common grid usage ( hidden column and sorting are unrelated functionalities )
But in case of using the hidden columns with grid reloading ( such as on sample with dynamical smart rendering ) - the mentioned issues can occur.
Problem already fixed in dev. version, fix will be available as part of next build.

If you need it ASAP - just locate and comment|remove next code from dhtmlxGrid.js

                   if ((this._hideShowColumn)&&(this.hdr.rows[0]))
                      for (var i=0; i<this.hdr.rows[0].cells.length; i++)
               this._hrrar=new Array();

But: I only enabled Smart Rendering, not Dynamic Loading…

When will the next version be available - and how can i get this? Because for professional version there is no link to download.

Updated version will be released in first part of July, all customers with active support will receive email with link for download.

If necessary you can contact directly at and provide your customer number - I will send you latest dev. code

Thank you for the code.
I changed the files (nothing else) but the problem isn’t fixed!  – I cant show columns, which hidden before a sort or a search.

Problem is not reconstructable locally , with described modification column hiding and showing works as expected.
If problem still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample.