Using decimals in scheduler.config.first_hour


obviously it’s possible to use decimals for scheduler.config.first_hour and scheduler.config.last_hour. If you use an integer for first_hour and a decimal for last_hour (e.g. first_hour = “7” and last_hour = “16.5”) everything works fine. But if you use a decimal for first_hour (e.g. first_hour = “7.5”; last_hour = “17”), the “date field table” has the correct length, but the hour-scale in the left is shifted about half an hour.
The date of the event-header is displayed correctly but doesn’t correrspond to the hour-scale line. And it’s not possible to drag the event on 7:45 or 7:30 - it snaps from 08:00 under the date-headline above. The behaviour is shown in the attached image.

Is there any way to use decimals for scheduler.config.first_hour in the correct way?
Thanks for any hints!


The functionality was created with only roung integers in mind.
It was not expected that it will work for such data as “7.5” or “16.5”