Using dhtmlxAjax response to refresh a specific layout cell

Hi All,

My Requirement is similar to a RSS Reader (Sample Application).
We are using “3U” layout pattern.

Cell A - This will be a static tree (obtained from html to tree conversion)
Cell B - Grid data to be populated depending upon the the node selected in cell A. (Requirement is only cell B to be refreshed and not A. Currently the entire jsp including all the div containers are being loaded)
Cell C - DHTMLX Form data to be populated depending upon the row selected in Grid in cell B. (Requirement is only cell C to be refreshed and not A,B)

I tried implementing same using dhtmlxAjax [tried loader.deserialisation()]. I am able to hit the server, do the request action, however unable to render the response to refresh a particular cell.

Kindy help. Many Thanks

Hello, try this:

Client side:

function xmlParser() {
    var root = xmlLoader.getXMLTopNode("response");
    var cell = root.getAttribute("cell");
    var action = root.getAttribute("action");
var xmlLoader = dhtmlxAjax.get("server?params", xmlParser);

Note, that xmlLoader should be declared as global.

Response example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<response cell="c" action="collapse"/>

Hi Andrei,

Many Thanks for your response.

I tried attachurl(…) instead to achieve the same.

Best regards,
Prashant Shetty