Using dhx-diagram with angular8


i am using the angular latest version 8.2.14. i am trying to use “dhx-diagram-package 2.2.1” in my angular application. i am getting “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘setImmediate’ of undefined” error when the application is launched. can you p

lease let us know if its a known issue.


Unfortunately this is not a known issue.
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed.



i am facing this exact same issue as well, any solution is found to solve this?


Please, try to include the diagram sources directly on your index.html page as a common js library, instead of using the import solution.


Hi @sematik ,

I have tried your advise on including the sources directly in index.html.
However i am still facing the same exact error.

I manage to reproduce the error in this public github repo of mine, hope you can take a look and advise further

Also i have created a separate thread of the this error if you want to take a look: