Using dhxCalendarA in DTHMLXGrid

I am using a date column in a grid. I am trying to have a date cell automatically filled with a date when the user tabs into the cell, but only if the cell is empty. My code works, except that when tabbing out of the cell, the cell reverts back to empty.

Any suggestions?

TransmittalDetail_grid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”, function(stage)
if (stage == 1 && this.editor && this.editor.obj)
var ix = this.row.rowIndex;
if (this.getSelectedCellIndex() == 1 && this.cells(ix, 1).cell.innerText == ‘’)
//empty date field; set today’s date
var dStr = ‘02/05/2010’;
this.cells(ix, 1).setValue(dStr);
//this.cells(ix, 1).cell.innerHTML = dStr; <-- doesn’t work either
return true;