Using different decimal separator


I want to use the “,” as a decimal separator for my grids containing columns with numeric values. I read that I can use grid.i18n.decimal_separator="," but that doesn’t seem to work or I’m not sure how to use this setting. Is ‘grid’ referring to a global setting or do I have to refer to each grid object I’m using? Do I also have to use setNumberFormat in order to get this working.
Also: how do I get the numeric values of a grid cell formatted using the “,” as a decimal separator? When using the mygrid.cells(mygrid.getSelectedId(),5).getValue it is showing the “.” as a decimal separator again.

Thanks for your help.

Above settings works only for ron|edn columns ( columns with number formatting )
You can enable formatting by using

grid.setNumberFormat(“0,00”,1) … ric_values