Using grid and mysql database via stdout - How to?

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dhtmlxGrid working with dates


i like the way the new check box style can be applied on the grid. i need to know how i can load dates from mysql in order to make a full month view and use check box to mark availability/non availability for each day of the month

Answer posted on Nov 19, 2007 07:19

Actually there a lot of ways to do such task , the grid just show info, so you just need to form necessary XML on server side ( because grid can’t access data directly you need to have some kind of server side scripting )

grid.=new …


----==== data.php ====----



here data extracted from mysql and printed to stdout as XML string




Unfortunately I couldn’t find any tutorial regarding this method. I’ve been using google for hours, but didn’t find any stuff, that would help me out. Could you post an example script for me? I just want to be able to view and modify some simple data stored in a mysql db using your grid.


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Unfortunately there is no ready to use sample for your case, but please check attached one, it show how data from server side script can be loaded in grid, it can be used to access data from mysql as well.

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