Using Grid inside accordion with pagination controls


I’m trying to get a grid to appear in an accordion with pagination controls for the grid, but I’m having no luck.

What I’ve done so far is created a grid object on a div then attached the div object to the accordion, but I can’t see the pagination controls

my code looks like this

var grid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘grid’);
var csv = ;
grid.parse(csv, “csv”);


I can see the grid with limited records to 5 records in the accordion pane, but I don’t see the paging controls. And there are over 5 records so i should see the navigation controls.

Any ideas?

If you need to attach grid with paging to other DHTMLX components (dhtmlxAccordion, dhtmlxLayout, dhtmlxTabbar or dhtmlxWindows) you should use appropriate API method to attach container with grid and paging area.

Container with grid and paging area:


[/code] [code] dhxAccordion.cells("a").attachObject("paging_container"); [/code]