Using with enablePaging


I am using a gid with paging enabled. When I use grid.loadXML to populate grid the paging works fine with posStart and count available. However, if I use to populate the grid the paging parameters posStart and count are no longer available …


The existing logic of dynamical loading, will call grid.load each time when new data need to be fetched.
Basically, if you are loading grid by post - it will work normally except it will use “get” requests to fetch additional data.

You can adjust it in dhtmlxgrid.js , line 5286

    render_dataset:function(min, max){

this.load can be replaced with


I’ve got the same problem as Dave, but I don’t really want to change your source code. Changes like that make it really hard to upgrade to a newer version of dhtmlxSuite later.
Would it be possible to tell the dhtmlxGrid to use the method “POST” instead of “GET”?
Something like:

grid.enableSmartRendering(true, 400, “post”);


Since version 2.0 dhtmlxGrid contains dhtmlxgrid_post.js extension, which adds support for such operations. … 0extension

Also you should add “onDynXL” event to your grid :
return false;

Thanks a lot!

Works like a charm.


PS: The event “onDynXLS” seems not to be in your on-line documentation: … rid_api_ev

>>The event “onDynXLS” seems not to be in your on-line documentation: … rid_api_ev

Thank you for your note. That issue will be fixed at the next Dhtmlx documentation version.