using groupBy in a custom filtering

I have a grid which is grouped by its 3rd column on its first loading

I am using a custom filtering for the grid. But it does not regroup again as it doesn’t change the text of grouped row data. If I try to use group by function after filtering, the filter doesn’t work.

[code]function filtergrpBy() {
var tVal = document.getElementById(“title_flt”).childNodes[0].value.toLowerCase();

for (var i = 0; i < gdSum.getRowsNum(); i++) {
    var tStr = gdSum.cells2(i, 0).getValue().toString().toLowerCase();
    if (tVal == "" || tStr.indexOf(tVal) > 0)
        gdSum.setRowHidden(gdSum.getRowId(i), false);
        gdSum.setRowHidden(gdSum.getRowId(i), true);

//gdSum.groupBy(3); //does not work


Can you please open ticket at and provide us complete demo where we can reproduce this issue?