Using menu.loadFromHTML() method


while using the menu.loadFromHtml method we are transforming the whole div structure in to
the menu layout.

How to addimges to the respective element,Not actually icon image but when a top level element has a child element a small down on the right hand side such image

if we define a newSepartor for that structure ,for example can we define a | (pipe separator) as a separator element,if so can any one help me out with a example

while using loadFromHtml method there are some tags like, for the menu component,do any one know more tags which would help to make a better menu component.

Thanks in advance.


regarding images next to item text - you may place tag directly in text attribute:

<div id="file" text='File <img src="../imgs/arrow.gif" width="18" height="18" alt="" border="0"> <p>Separator:</p> <div id="sep_1" type="separator"></div>


I found this thread looking for more info on the menu-object, specifically when created using loadFromHTML, because I found the doc to be quite incomplete (I was not aware there is such a thing as “href”).

Is there complete info anywhere on the web about that?