Using mix() With Foreign Keys

I seem to be getting an error upon using the mix function here despite following this example: … ningtables

I simply want the user to select and view the foreign key by value rather than by ID

[code]$conn = new TreeGridMultitableConnector($res,“Oracle”);

$level = $conn->get_level();
switch($level) {
	case 0:
	case 1:
		$details = new DataConnector($res,"Oracle");
		$conn->mix("CAP_TECHNOLOGY", $details, array("TECHNOLOGY_ID" => "TASK_TECHNOLOGY"));

Using “mix” will result in a separate SQL query for each item in the master dataset. It is a rather expensive way to link a data.
Instead of it, you can use render_sql for the “case 1” branch, where you can select data from a master table and join the details table by the foreign key in question.