Using multiple categories ... is that possible ?

I’m using multiple categories and I’d like to store in DB 1 Gantt for 1 Category …
Is that possible to customize the Free version by adding a field “category code” in the tables gantt_tasks and gantt_links ?


Not fully understand what you mean by ‘categories’.
If you want to load different data set based on selected category, to implement it easy - call clearAll() to remove all tasks and then load new data set.

Soon we’ll publish attached demo, now you can open it locally. I think it’s smth similar with what you are looking for. It is a way to load different projects (and templates) that can be selected in ‘select’ html element (use readme to run the demo). (1.13 MB)


Thanks for your response …

Sorry … to be more clear: I have different products which are manufactured with a particular processes.
For each of product, I need to build a gantt … so 1 product = 1 gantt … the gantt are different depending on the product.

I’d like to add a new field “ProductCode” in the tables gantt_tasks and gantt_links.
If possible, how can I do that in the free version ?

I will have a look at the zip file you attached.

Thanks again,

I think the easiest way to implement it - load different data set, smth like that:

Yes, you can add it in tables in free version. But you can’t create multiple charts … antts.html

Yes, I do not want to create multiple charts on the same page. I just want to display 1 product with its own gantt on a page then another product and its gantt on anether page … product by product, 1 by 1…

I tried this:
$gantt->render_links(“gantt_pms_links”, “id”, “productCode,source,target,type”);
$gantt->render_table(“gantt_pms_tasks”, “id”, “productCode,start_date,duration,text,progress,sortorder,parent,priority,type,open”,"");

… and this:
$gantt->render_links(“gantt_pms_links”, “id,productCode”, “source,target,type”);
$gantt->render_table(“gantt_pms_tasks”, “id,productCode”, “start_date,duration,text,progress,sortorder,parent,priority,type,open”,"");

None of these works … the field “productCode” is always empty in the DB…

Thanks Polina,

Please check the example Polina sent you, I believe it shows exactly what you describe. The only differences are that instead of “ProductCode” tasks and links have foreign key named ‘project_id’ and that there is a UI allowing to switch and create gantts.