Using NodeJs and setTransactionMode question

im using the dhtmlx scheduler + nodeJS + dataProcessor for the communication of the events like in this tutorial: … h-node-js/

To send all Events from Server to the client i use the function
app.get(‘/data’, function(req, res){
… get data from mongo…
and the change/delete/add Events i use the function‘/data’, function(req, res){

Now i would like to add additional Information from which Client did send the app.get and function.
Is it possible to use dp.setTransactionMode->payload for this?

I tried to setup this on client:
}, false);

On Server:‘/data’, function(req, res){
var data = req.body;
var clientUserName = data.user_name;
But data.user_name does not exist…

if its possible to send additional data how can i access them on the server side?

Would be great if someone has a advice for me :slight_smile:

Greetings Manuel

Check req.params.user_name

While event’s data is sent through POST, the custom payload parameters are sent as GET part of request and are available through req.params