Using POST method with dhtmlxgrid load

Hi, I am building a simple search page.

I have a form with a input field and a search button. On click of the search button I would like to create and load a dhtmlxgrid. so far so good.

I belive the dhtmlxgird can load data using the mygrid.load() function. I want to pass the search parameter to the server side code to return the search result. I understand that I have two options I can either Attach the parameter as a Query String to the URL like; or I can Post the form to load the grid as query string has a limitation of 2K of data. In the second case how do I pass the query parameter using the POST method in the mygri.load() function?

dhtmlxgrid 2.0 contains dhtmlxgrid_post.js extension, which adds support for such operations. … 0extension