using prev and next button


I would like ask if is it possible to use the “dhx_cal_prev_button” and “dhx_cal_next_button” outside the “dhx_cal_container”? I have tried altering its position but the button doesn’t work when its not under the “dhx_cal_container” and/or “dhx_cal_navline”

If its possible, does it only have to do something with the css file or was it all set consequently in dhtmlxscheduler.js?

I hope anyone can give me a help here.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


That buttons are expected to be there.
Though if you want to implement navigation somewhere in you application when you can use whatever element you wish and simply set up it’s handler to call next or previous period.

var state = scheduler.getState(); var mode = state.mode; var date =; scheduler.setCurrentView(, 1, mode));
and -1 for previous button.

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Thank you very much Ilya! It finally worked now. :slight_smile: