Using REST Api


Am looking at using a REST Api with data adapter instead of dataconnector with dataview component and grid. Is the functionality a direct replacement ?

For example, with paging server side, would there be a rest request for the next x items ?

If so, where would the rest calls being made by the adapter be documented ?

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All data loading goes by GET request, so it works in the same way as normal dyn. loading.

The new REST functionality is more related to the CRUD operations which are using REST url, data and mode conventions.

Ok thanks.

I’m still a little unclear though - in my example of the dataconnector in ‘REST’ mode, where is the documentation of what the data adapter will be requesting (for example in the case of the next page of data) ?

If I’m missing something, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

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To be clear - next version allows to use dataprocessor in the REST mode. Not connectors library.

Dataprocessor is a piece of code which controls data saving. It will use POST, PUT, DELETE calls to insert, update or remove records. It will not have any special parameters. Body of request contains all properties of updated data record. Url will contain and id ( for update and delete operations )

As for data loading - it is not affected by the REST update, as according to the REST such kind of request must be done by GET , and so it was previously. There is no any special handling of data loading for REST mode as there is no any standard for dyn. loading in REST mode.