Using results from MixedConnector

I have three select boxes on a form that get their values from a database, and instead of making a request for each one, it would be far more efficient to make a single request and return all the options for all three select boxes at once.

I have looked into the new MixedConnector, but:

  1. I don’t seem to be able to get it to return data. I get no PHP errors, but nothing is generated.
  2. Even if I had it return data, I can’t find any documentation on how to get the select boxes to use the data returned from the MixedConnector. How would I do that?

Here’s the relevant code from my connector PHP file. The SQL queries are identical to the ones for the individual connectors, which work. The $connXXXXX->configure statements are identical in structure to the $data->render_sql statements for the individual connectors.

$sqlType  = "SELECT '' AS TypeID, '' AS ReqType UNION ";
$sqlType .= "SELECT TypeID, ReqType ";
$sqlType .= "FROM ITRequests_Types";
$connType = new SelectOptionsConnector($mysqli, "MySQLi");
$connType->configure($sqlType,"TypeID","TypeID, ReqType");

$sqlTechs  = "SELECT '' AS EmployeeID, '' AS Name UNION ";
$sqlTechs .= "SELECT Technicians.EmployeeID, CONCAT(FirstName,' ',LastName) AS Name ";
$sqlTechs .= "FROM Technicians ";
$sqlTechs .= "INNER JOIN Employee.EmployeeMaster ON Technicians.EmployeeID = EmployeeMaster.EmployeeID ";
$sqlTechs .= "WHERE TechType = 'Technician'";
$connTechs = new SelectOptionsConnector($mysqli, "MySQLi");

$sqlStatus  = "SELECT '' AS ReqStatusID, '' AS ReqStatus UNION ";
$sqlStatus .= "SELECT ReqStatusID, ReqStatus ";
$sqlStatus .= "FROM ITRequests_Statuses";
$connStatus = new SelectOptionsConnector($mysqli, "MySQLi");
$connStatus->configure($sqlStatus,"ReqStatusID","ReqStatusID, ReqStatus");

$connAll = new MixedConnector($mysqli, "MySQLi");
$connAll->add("types", $connType);
$connAll->add("technicians", $connTechs);
$connAll->add("statuses", $connStatus);

(a) Mixed connector is purposed for JSON based data only

  • replace SelectOptionsConnector with JSONDataConnector
  • add logging to the mixed connector if it still doesn’t output anything

(b) In case of mixed connector, you need to use on client side dhtmlxAjax call, and from it callback feed necessary parts of data to the necessary components. Mixed connector just provides a data feed, it can’t be used directly with any component.