Using same grid in multiple tabs


I hava a requirement. I want to use the same page in multiple tabs for the user to enter multiple entries. I am using some HTML elements and a grid. When i submit the form, the HTML element across the tabs are combined as an array which i access as element[0],element[1] etc… How do i access the grid?


Sorry i had given a wrong mail id before


This is based on how grid was created , constructor return the reference to the grid object which can be used for further usage.
If you are using form integration feature … t_htmlform
You will not need any special steps, all instances of grid inside form will send data on submit. ( The ID of grid container will be used as part of naming, so it must differ to separate different grid )


Many thanks for your reply

But i am using Struts form. So the implementation is different. But anyway i ve no trouble in submitting one grid’s values as i forma  combined string of all data and set it in form attribute. The problem comes as to how i access multiple grids. Can i access it like grid[0], grid[1] like any other HTML element?

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