Using save() on a form bind to a grid generates JS error.


I am testing DHTMLX in order to create an application and I got in to the following problem.

I created a grid that loads data from a database through connector. The PHP code that connects to the grid is CodeIgniter controller.
The form is connected to the grid using bind().
Everything works fine, the grid is populated with data and when click to a grid row all data are populating the form.
When I make a change to the grid data this is sent to the database without any problem.
When I try to update the data using the form although the data is saved to the database some JS error occures which locks everything.

I use save() to save changes made to the form.
Here is the code I use for the grid and form:

[code] [/code]

Maybe it’s something I have done wrong but I cannot find what.

Thank you in advance for your help.


We can confirm the issue with above code, please open ticket at support system or drop an email to the to receive the fixed version of the code.

Thanks Stanislav,

I already sent an email to support.


George, the fixed files has been sent you by email.