using Scheduler with Perl?

First of all, I would like to say great software!

Here is my situation…We are developing a WxPerl app and would like to incorporate Scheduler as part of our app, but we don’t feel comfortable buying the license until we can be sure that we’re able to talk with our PostgreSQL DB via Perl. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so what are the steps we should take?

We currently have an embedded IE browser using activeX that displays and handles DHTML Scheduler very well. Our current problem is updating and handling events via Perl.

Any thoughts?


There are two ways to solve problem

Hard way
Implement dataprocessor handlers in perl. Client side code has predefined protocol for data exchange with server side. It posts data for all updates in scheduler and expects confirmation responses from server. … ntegration … ol_details … _side_code

Simple way

It possible to define your custom calls for each operation in scheduler

var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id);
var format = scheduler.templates.xml_format;

  //new event was added, now we need to call some server side script
  var path=""+format(ev.start_date)+"&end_date="+format(ev.end_date)+"&text="+format(ev.text);


Similar with onEventChanged and onBeforeEventDelete events.

Thanks, that helps me quite a bit!

Here is my next question using Perl on the client side. For our app we can use a client side executable that processes the code and communicates with our remote DB. Any idea why this is causing the error: “Can’t create object”

    var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id);
    var format = scheduler.templates.xml_format;

//      alert("start date=" + format(ev.start_date) + "\nend date=" + format(ev.end_date));

    var shell = new ActiveXObject(""); 
    if (shell) {"notepad.exe"); 
    else { 
        alert("error handling here");

Most probably caused by security settings of IE. ( it doesn’t related to scheduler’s code for sure )