Using Scheduler with SSL?


I am using the dhtmlxScheduler to share the calendar with 10 others. I password protected the component so my friends can authenticate with user/pass before gaining access to the scheduler. The scheduler goes through a SSL for an added layer of security. The problem I am having is the non secure media content. The references below are in the scheduler application, and being called to the URLs below (There are 13 files between these 4 URLs going through an http request). … pi_003.png … oken=13910 … Csmartmaps … Csmartmaps … Csmartmaps … Csmartmaps

I need to change all the resources from: http to https.
Where can I locate the files withg these resources?



As you can see those files are loaded by Google Maps API. To use Google Maps via SSL include it as

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
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