Using selectBox coro or ComboBox co, how to load using JSON

Loading JSON to datagrid is as simple as in documentation, but a very big but there is not instruction on how to load JSON to combobox or selectBox inside the datagrid, can anyone help me please. any help will be appreciated thank again.

It’s not available to configure grid from JSON.
Try to use getCombo().put() API-method:


Actually it is possible, i was able to load data to datagrid for textbox and checkbox, i have no success in combo box though, check this … ta_loading and you will see hnow to load JSON to datagrid but no example for combobox, i will try your way maybe that is the only remedy, thanks i will let you know if it satisfy my programming logic.=)

You can load data to grid from JSON but you can’t configure the grid from it.

Such types as combo, co, coro need to be configured from API. JSON can hold only the values of cells.