Using Server-Side generated IDs with DataProcessor REST mode

Hello folks,

(Using the REST mode with DHTMLX 4.3 Scheduler…total noob but liking DHTMLX so far!)

When I create an event it appears that the current UNIX timestamp is appended to the end of the RESTful POST request e.g. my-rest-server/animals1478141391401

Is Scheduler using this as the event ID at this stage? I’m interested because I want my server to create event IDs NOT the client.

Has anyone tried using server-side generated IDs with the DataProcessor in REST mode?

Many thanks!


Client side generates a temporary ID for a new event object. If your response contains a valid structure, temporary ID will be replaced with one from server side response.

Response may look like next

{"tid":121} where tid attribute contains an actual ID, generated by a database … ithrestapi

That is awesome…thank you for your super fast and concise response :smiley: