using Tab into header filter when grid have a vertical scrol

Hi, I created a grid with a lot of column . the grid will be displayed with a horizontal scroling bar and that is correct

When I use the tab button to pass column by column into data section, the horizontal scrolling bar will be ajusted automaticaly to display the column exceding the div.

The problem is when I try to use this same “tab” into the header filter. The cursor pass filter by filter but the data column does not follow the header and the horizontal scrolling bar is not ajusted the see the data column

I used version 2.6
someboby have a solution ?

Hi everybody,

I have the same issue here. In each header cell I have an input field plus an image. I can move from one header column’s input field to the next column’s input field via Tab. In case the next column’s input field is out of sight, the header scrolls to the left, however, the data columns below do not scroll.

Is there some way to force the header columns and data columns to sync their alignments?



Hi, LLD.

What version of dhtmlxGrid do you have?
Please, try to use the latest version (3.5):