using tree folder as link to call specific dataset in grid

Going to try to keep this simple as i’m tired and hadn’t much luck tonight so figured i should ask since I hadn’t been able to find the answer.

I have a tree that has a link setup (using the onClick command

When I click it, I want the value of the folder, lets say 397 to pass to the grid on the left and run a select statement from my site

such in select * from bla where folder = ‘397’

The problem is, I can get the page to which the grid is setup in to load and I can get it to also write in the $_GET[folder] but it does not seem to pass that variable into the select statement to load the proper data into the grid

Suggestions /thoughts

again, I would like to thank all for the help on this software. Makes me glad I purchased the enterprise version


Actually the next must work
          mygrid.clearAll();   //clear existing data
          mygrid.loadXML(“base_url.php?folder=”+id);  //load new data

If problem still occurs for you - please provide a sample of code which you are using for described operation

It worked, you all rock.

Thank you, took me 3 hours last night with no luck. took me 30 seconds this morning to get it working thanks to you all