Using Vault with JSP pages

Is anyone out there using the dhtmlxVault successfully with JSP pages and Java? I’m having problems even getting the basic handler sample to work for file uploads, and am hoping someone else might be having success.

In my case I can browse for the file name, initiate the upload, but then the progress bar just runs forever and nothing gets uploaded. No messages, errors or exceptions…it just runs forever in the UI.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can look at?



What is your JSP environment? Maybe you have Struts or something, which intercepts file data?

That’s a good question…my application does have struts in it, however I am not seeing any of the exceptions you would traditionally see when the actions or forwards are undefined. I can’t see any indication that it is trying to contact the server for the upload…it acts like the UI portion is working but the file upload is doing nothing.

Thanks for the reply!


Do you see at least some http connection in Firebug?

I have same issue. When I select a file and hit Upload progress bar keeps loading endlessly. I see response in firebug as 94.84968803176403 with post URL : http:// xxx/XXX/GetInfoHandler.jsp. Can you please suggest how to resolve this issue.

Same issue here. However as Fedor suggested without Struts everything goes smoothly

What version do you have?